Hey everyone, I’ve got some good news to share.

I’ll be embarking on a disabled directors course at Royal Exchange in the final week of September in which myself and 5 others will learn skills in directing theatre.

I’ve received my proof copy of Litany Of Varied Experiences, my publisher mentioned online sales ahead of a print run and there have been some enquiries so I have passed this on to see what can be done to get this new collection to as many people as possible.

Finally, the Buzzin Bards events have been going well and I’ve begun to add writing themes each month. The next shall be dealing with identity, culture and what Manchester means to us.

One thought on “News

  1. Hey what’s up. I found you on twitter and saw you have an artist collective that does a lot of unique and forward thinking things. I too have an artist collective which I am using to combine other forward thinking artists that are pushing culture further in unpredictable ways. I would be interested in working on a project with your collective, and hosting a page dedicated to your movement that includes a statement, and links expanding your visibly to other groundbreaking artists on my website if your interested. I created a google plus profile solely for the intention of contacting you. I also am currently following you on twitter. Please consider responding so I can talk in more detail about the collective I run, and so we can start fleshing out ideas for a collaborative art work between our 2 labels.


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