The Five Faces of Fulli

The Five Faces of Fulli is the name of Ushiku Crisafulli’s first poetry collection and accompanying solo show performed at 3 Minute Theatre on 31st October 2012 whereby he performed as five different alter egos or “faces” that represented different parts of himself.

Sir Benjamin

A time travelling steampunk from the 51st Century. Sir Benjamin fuses Victorian whimsy with science-fiction panache. As comfortable with absinthe as he is musing philosophy and questioning the nature of our existence he can just as easily be found live modelling in an art gallery as he is attending a cosplay rave.

El Poetico

With the suave and swagger of a wrestling heel El Poetico eviscerates his opponents in such a way that he is both bard and brawler. The consummate showman he exudes the presence of a main event star.


The original “Face of Fulli” Bidaman represents Ushiku’s love of comic books and his bisexual pride. Bidaman, Bidaman, does whatever a bi guy can. His first sighting was as part of Manchester Pride 2008. Since he burst onto the scene as part of the Pride Parade this super queero antihero is always ready to fight prejudice both within and outside the queer community.

Cowboy Crisafulli

Hailing from the Deep South… of Italy, he’s not your average cowboy. He likes wine, women, and men in equal measure. This brilliant bisexual cowboy began as an avant garde theatre performance and has since moved into the realms of standup comedy and musicianship.

Indigo Angel

Perhaps Ushiku’s most known “Face of Fulli” the Indigo Angel began as a conduit for him to process the darker and more difficult of his lived experiences. His signature piece “Battle of Demon’s Run” was initially commissioned as part of David Hoyle’s Northern Lights in October 2011 when David asked Ushiku to write a poem about mental health. The piece recounts some of the most challenging life experiences of Ushiku’s life up until that point. While Ushiku has since learned to face the darkness himself the Indigo Angel remains arguably one of his most popular “Faces of Fulli”.

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The Five Faces of Fulli e-book

Whilst the limited edition run of physical copies sold out you can now own an e-book of this early chapter in Ushiku’s creative career.


If you prefer, you can purchase The Five Faces of Fulli e-book via Stripe.

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