NaPoWriMo Day 25: Homeward Bound

Day 25’s prompt from Local Gems was absolutely perfect for Litany Of Varied Experiences. It was to include a prophecy.


Great men are forged in fire.
It is the privilege of lesser men
to light the flame.

So it was foretold:
Ye shalt venture
through malignant majesty
unto the 10th circle
wist Dante nay Hades could muster;
be falsely branded by Sheol’s most wretched infamy;
and yet,
find one’s soul emblazoned
by the virtuous pursuit of love
and one’s very own resurrection.

For what is ash but the ethereal carcass of Prometheus?
Yet life will find a way;
an amethyst phoenix erupts,
emerging from chrysalis.

Pain was merely a mortal marker
by which a celestial understanding
of one’s Litany Of Varied Experiences
would unravel.
Poseidon himself fashioned me a lighthouse,
for what are waves of turmoil
but a greeting for a better tomorrow?

As I reached shore,
my soul fashioned itself a grappling hook
upon the summit of Mount Olympus,
I’m almost homeward bound.

I’m almost homeward…



NaPoWriMo Day 24: Upon My Broken Wings

Day 24’s prompt was to deal with mortality and how life’s events can often have a jolting or affirming affect upon us. I know my experience reminded me that 9 to 5 just isn’t for me and I wish to spread love, knowledge, and ascension  through art and our shared humanity.


Throughout the Litany Of Varied Experiences
that make up my life,
I have transcended humanity;
cursed the stagnating entrapment of this physical form;
– and even descended
from the innate greatness all souls
are capable

Yet, as I preach celestially,
I recall how compassion was my Icarus,
I got too close to a supernova…
then were left scarred and alone
upon the sands of Mustafar…
though this chosen one harmed no younglings.

No son,
no daughter,
no friends in the shadow realm…
my redemption was my own,
though the desecration
was shared…
I survived furtive daggers
and crossed my own Rubicon.

There’s no turning back now…

being brought low
has helped me to soar highly…
was there ever a sight so beautiful
as an Indigo Angel
gliding serenely though with broken wings?

Inhumane treatment
renewed my humanity,
as I rediscovered the omnipresent covenant
of which we are all capable.

We all may love,
we all may face loss,
and we all may rebuild.

Though many institutions and people
build castles out of quicksand…
my constitution is vibranium.

Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
I scatter my essence to the wind in entirety…

is OUR


NaPoWriMo Day 23: A Question Unanswered

For day 23 I used the Local Gems prompt of an unanswered question. It’s probably the question that underlies the whole Litany Of Varied Experiences.


Why did nobody apologise when truth came to pass?

Science and spirit aligned
to proclaim the truth I always knew.

One was a moron, prone to overreach.
Slow of mind,
sharp of speech.
Yet an accomplice to falsehoods
that became undone.

The other a neighbour,
that then became a friend.
Yet a poor one in truth,
for even if one ignores
the indignity I faced.
Their treatment of friends is a fucking disgrace.
Consorting with a drug dealer,
– a friend’s ex, no less!
Plus no apology for creating this mess.
Shipped off to the funny farm,
with friendship put to pasture…
you surely are a cow,
that spreads lies instead of laughter.

my best friend.
This was what hurt the most.
This asshole would abandon me,
and then would even boast:
“if you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about”
as I lived in the shameful shadow
of a mentalist’s fraught fantasies.
Worst still defended another,
guilty of a crime I’d never commit…
yet when confronted with the truth:
eschewed false virtues with a crown of shit.
If saving you from suicide,
is the true mark of a friend…
then I proved my worth a thousand times
whilst you just played pretend.

NaPoWriMo Day 22: The Cure

For day 22 I went with the Local Gems prompt of a cure for something that isn’t considered a disease. Being a Game of Thrones fan one line in particular came to mind and I ran with it. Hopefully doing so will cure the rage against the indignity I faced in the past year, or at the very least provide some comic relief to the matter in a macabre manner.


Ser Bronn said it best:
There’s no cure for being a cunt!

Yet I fly on the wings of a pigeon pie
– you’ll choke on your words,
to no surprise.

I could throw you into a vat of steaming lava,
Scream “I killed Mufasa” as you lather.
The villain is the hero of their own story,
I did no wrong, till now…
I implore thee!

Do the good thing, and grovel at my feet…
or else you’ll surely face defeat.

I beat you physically,
that happened twice.
Your mum’s pretty cool –
why don’t you play nice?

Yet your dad is a creep that hired a PI,
now it’s time to learn an eye for an eye.
The world won’t go blind,
one guy’s left with one eye, don’t cry…
oh wait you can’t,
no worries – I shan’t!

You see you’re not worth my tears,
nor friendship…
I abhor thee,
though spoiler warning –
you won’t survive this story.

Frankenstein’s the true monster,
most scholars agree.
But there’s no cure for being a cunt:

NaPoWriMo Day 21: The Lake of Reincarnation

Day 21’s official prompt was to deal with the myth of Narcissus, while Local Gems encouraged one to write about faith. So I decided to do both, and write of the narcissism of a false friend, who in turn was a Myth.


If you prayed for answers
you did not listen.
Though the truth was already revealed…
you demonised the chaste
so that one’s own evils were concealed.

I spoke plainly yet profoundly,
in words you would not hear.
Thoust a monkey – speaks of evil
whence closed of mouth an’ ears.

An apology
one ‘tis owed thrice.
For the clean ‘re seen as dirty
whence heads ‘re covered in lice.

As illusions fade,
I stand beside a lake.
My faith in you was real,
though your friendship was fake.

NaPoWriMo Day 20: Resurrection

Day 20 was about rebellion, while Local Gems eschewed the Tanka. My rebellion was to face up to the nightmarish reality another subjected me to and find strength from it.


I will own my pain
created by another:
phantom fears reveal
the soul’s archeology…
Atlantean treasures rise.

NaPoWriMo Day 19: Vallaslin

Day 19’s prompt was to write about erasure, and so I’ve incorporated this into the piece.


Her mind was a splintered vortex
– a faux Genesis
where emulation
subverts reality
to creatively destroy


Mocked by the ethereal echos
of maternal infamy…
as bloodshed becomes
an inkblot
upon the carnivorous canvass
of civilisation.
It’s meaning debated
while their haemorrhaging life force
is disembodied by decay.

Who writes the story when there is no victor?
barely, survivors…?

Distorted visions
of what is/was/wasn’t/could be…
and now will never be

anything other than Vallaslin;
for scars are glorified
but the memories…


NaPoWriMo Day 18: Sick in the Head

First of all, an apology for falling behind. Between spending time with Grim and seeing Akala to then having a broken phone charger I were a tad out of sorts for a few days but rest assured I’m back and firing on all cylinders.


The following piece deals with responding to a poem in a different way, in that a response from one poet to another became a collaborative piece between Grim and I.



No-one seems to think I’m a threat at all,
I guess once again I’ve got everybody fooled,
I’m as raw as fuck when I need to be,
it’s like watching an old man commit bestiality,
fucking a horse without a condom on,
and no lube? Man that’s  seriously wrong!
But that’s the sort of thing on the internet today,
and if it aint on youtube, it’s on redtube anyway!
It’s sick the stuff people record and upload for fun,
Like someone smashing a wine bottle thats up their bum,
people record nonces whilst their touching up little kids,
stick it on redtube it’ll get ten thousand or more hits!
Some people really are sadistic sick little things,
when they watch 2 girls eat shit that came from their rings, and even though i will admit that that one was a fake,
there’s people out there that eat human cock like it’s steak!

If you search hard enough, i’m sure you will find,
snuff mixed with porno’s,

you’ve gotta be out of your mind, if you search for that stuff you’ve actually got to be sick,
and if you claim you ain’t you’re a delusional prick!


Everybody’s been asking, where is Maddy McCann?
well I’ll tell you where, with some sick fucking man,
who grabbed her from her parents, as quick as a flash,
got her to a new country performing sex acts for cash,
getting her and others to get down on their knees,
till they die horribly, either from overdose or disease!


Coz each and every person is twisted in some little way,
don’t matter if you’re black or white, or even straight or gay, it takes all types just to actually be sick in the head,
and if thats not evident from everything I’ve said,
just take a look at people fucking the dead!

Coz some fuckers just do that shit for kicks,
and if you ask me i think that shit’s far too sick,
and in this world, man, i know i’ll never be too surprised,

how sick things can be when saddam’s hanging was televised!

That’s  the sort of stuff people these days will pay to see,
or at least they’ll download it off torrents for free,
it’s easy for you to find it if you know where to look,
as are Abu Hamza’s sermons,

the sick cunt with the hook,

telling gulliable cunts to blow up things everywhere,

to kill themselves and millions, without a care!
Paedos tunes still played daily in over 100 countries,
probably one for eack kid who R Kelly had their virginity!

Glitter aint much better, he died out in taiwan,
for fucking children from here to Hong Kong!
Huntley, the caretaker, took care of Holly and Jess,
by sticking their bodies in the furnace, to save on the mess!


Dr Shipman killed more grannies, than JPS fags,
when he was done they needed multiple body bags!
Or there’s Wayne Bobbitt,

who cheated on his ‘then’ wife,
so she cut off his cock and now he’s scarred for life!


Police arrest people just for breach of the peace,
but there’s paedos out there walking the streets,
snatching peoples kids, from right out of sight,
be it the middle of the day, or the dark of the night!


Hertfordshire’s only just a small little place,
but they found a decapitated man, all but his face!
A 13 year old can so easily buy a lock knife,
five pounds and one stabbing later he’s sentenced to life,
another stabbing, one to add to many, many more,
yet again another kid bleeds to death on the floor.


Twelve year olds selling puff, speed, e’s or weed,

Eleven year olds now, are getting fucked till they bleed,

ten year olds dying because of parental neglect,

nine to six year olds are starting to get wrecked.

Five year olds are getting snatched off from their mum,

Four three two or even one, it don’t matter to some,

coz as i’ve tried to prove, if you aint heard what’s been said,

some motherfuckers are just, sick in the head,

you may think I’m sick in the head from what I say,
but I ain’t  the sick cunt thats doing it, at the end of the day!


The Daily Mail print this kind of shit for kicks,

Publishing anguish, tell me who’s really sick?

Everybody’s shocked at Fritzel in Amstetten,

But kids are half naked in Twilight, peeps are forgettin’

These scene kid bitches, led by a Mormon…
…Led to men becoming boys and pussies conforming.

Is it any wonder that I end up in rage
when girls get paid to dance in a cage?
Caged like animals,
Raw meat like cannibals.

Yeah fuck it, my granddad may have been a nonce,

But nature/nurture’s bullshit,

I wouldn’t touch a kid once.

Fear created by the Austrian people,

To control the population, prod them like sheeple.

Freud speaks of Oedipus,

Humanity excreting this.

Shitting on everything we could be just to conform,

Till the day that Fritzel and Hitler become the norm.

They say I’m crazy because I won’t pretend,

Well I’d rather be real, than a fake ass “legend”.

They say they’re legends but it’s bullshit mythology,

I’d rather write my own truths and live life properly.

As I said in back in 2009,

Girlfriend not girlfuck, just a woman that’s mine.

And even though she went crazy,

I’d rather have a lady than call my girlfriend “baby”.

Or how can society manage to escape this:

The fine line between a nice guy and a rapist.

But it’s all good if you’re in those skinny jeans,

I’m the whole fucking show, these bitches just scene.

I’m not here to impress anyone, just be true to myself,

Because spiritual truth beats material wealth.

So you can call me a fag for hating the Kardashians,

But I’d rather make love with a woman than be a dudebro smashing em.

Fuck society, even if they condemn me to hell

Because I’m in love with a woman her name’s…


NaPoWriMo Day 17: He Knows You Know, You Know

This one’s dedicated to my grandad Stanley, I use “The Greatest Man That Ever Loved” as a gimmick, but for him it was an everyday reality.


NaPoWriMo Day 17: He Knows You Know, You Know.

I remember,
I remember when he couldn’t remember



he was…

… a
fantastic man,
whose playful spirit
remained as his mind



He couldn’t recall names yet knew emotions,
knew kindness,
knew the profound sense of knowing
that dwells
within dogs, children, and souls.


She asked him if he was alright,
and he said…


“I’m always alright,
I’ve got you”.


He asked her to make me a brew,
and called me a young man.
Sweeter to a stranger than many are to friends.


He told me we’d meet again,
and we did.



NaPoWriMo Day 16: The Game Called Life

For day 16, I touched on the game theme with the “funny old game” that is life.

NaPoWriMo Day 16: The Game Called Life.



justice rings hollow

when it comes at a price.


as truth departs,

the cheat excludes the cheated. 

But our world oft lacks an extra life

for whence one is defeated.


Yet a coin under the sofa

could serve as a token 

to persevere – with records broken.

Atlantis slowly rises to evaporate despair…

for treasure only remains buried 

if one leaves it there.