NaPoWriMo Day 11 – An Answered Prayer

Smol in stature but immeasurable in heart,
her kindness an imprint
from her soul’s beacon.

Though she struggles with her own mind,
as I have too.
I am a tree planted from the seeds of her empathy.

Her humour is sharper than the tastiest cheddar
and just as cheesy at times.
Yet I cherish every bite.

She sings smoothly, an angel’s song
transmuted through finite human ears.
A melody I know by heart.

Her name means prayer,
and the universe has answered.

NaPoWriMo Day 10 – Love is difficult

Love is difficult
in a world where lust
and indifference reign.

Yet I’ve begun to love myself
and place past pains in eternal slumber.

In all else, the universe has provided.
So how can I doubt it?
Perhaps doubt lies within
after so long without.

Trauma has melted away
and scars have faded beyond Heimdall’s gaze.
Self-love’s kind kaleidoscope is the seed
from which my World Tree is rooted.

NaPoWriMo Day 10 – Trust

Today I’ve opted to use the Local Gems Poetry Press prompt.

I’m in somewhat of a fractured yet healing place right now. I’ve no idea where this journey is taking me. I just know I’ve become much more sensitive lately, and that I’m finding no humour in mockery, derision or malice. A knife edge between sanity and salvation.

For many years I’ve been guarded,

a mound around my heart

commemorating lost hope.

Yet as I work on showing kindness to myself,

this vault contains a trust

where I may also place the kindness of others.