NaPoWriMo Day 16 – Forfar Feathered Friend

A penguin greets in Forfar
By the service station entrance.
Childish glee emanates from my face.
Another feathered friend anar.
Beauty that can’t help but entrance.
Caledonian coos at penguin pace.

Deftly setting sun upon its chest
Encapsulating the wonders of the Highlands.
Could you imagine a greater greeting in this place?
Dearly held, with a landscape on its crest.
Cute face.

NaPoWriMoDay 24 – Whoever said blue is the colour of sadness?

Today I’ve gone with the official NaPoWriMo prompt, and figured I’d make a link between the blue associated with sadness and the blue of the blue/little/fairy penguins.

Whoever said blue is the colour of sadness

never knew Eudyptula minor.

A little penguin with a huge heart,

it’s blue hues as deep as the smiles they elicit.

From mainland Australia

to Tasmania

they create life

2 by 2.

So too on Philip Island

where the sublime innate magic

of the fairy penguins

is on full display.

Like Piplup but real,

We gotta save em all!