NaPoWriMo Day 1 – Why don’t you just Biscoff?

Why don’t you just Biscoff?

It’s Club biscuit tier but it ain’t that mint.
It belongs in B&M for when you’re feeling skint.
It ain’t that mega, and it ain’t that great,
it’s too mid tier to even hate.

But the poshies and hipsters they find it delectable
while frankly I find this unacceptable.
Pushing up the prices of a working class biscuit,
Now we’ve got beef cos you’re taking the brisket.

It belongs with the Bourbons and the Custard Creams,
Not even a Nice biscuit, as they’ll have you believe.

So before making cheesecake with this as the base,
or slapping it on top of another cupcake.

Why don’t you just Biscoff?
Why don’t you just Biscoff?