Another update

Last year was rather tumultuous in many ways.

Between losing my grandfather, and suffering from the byproduct of a friend’s severe mental breakdown I didn’t get up to a whole lot.


I did however have 3 pieces  released in a digital ebook which has since been renamed and published physically, now known as When You Break a Writer’s Heart. You can purchase this here:


Another piece has been published in Bards Against Hunger’s 5th Anniversary. As someone who was homeless myself 11 years ago I’m always happy to help with projects that provide a social and public good.

I’ve also headlined in Rome for the 4th time over Christmas while visiting family.


This year I’ve been taking part in a CBT and socialisation study for high functioning aspies at Salford University, I’ve quietly been working on a globally minded project around language, food, poetry, performance, friendship and ending loneliness called Agape in Isolation. Expect more news about this in the future.


Finally, I have a new personal logo courtesy of Hadi Rachedi, for more information and commissions please check out his Facebook page here:



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