NaPoWriMo Day 2: Litany Of Varied Experiences.

For Day 2 I liked both Local Gems AND the official prompt so I went with a collection of acrostics from different narrative perspectives.

Day 2: Litany Of Varied Experiences.

Light shatters,
Opaque darkness eclipses memory.
Vestal furnaces eviscerate malignancy
Even a vagabond must be at home in themselves.

Lo, behold my ascended anguish;
O’ the crashing O’ the Astral Plane.
Visages capitulate to reveal spiritual splinters,
Even my scars are beautiful.

Lost in a neurotic labyrinth,
Only her external screams are heard amongst internal whisperers.
Vexed, a rodent imagines Stilton yet the trap is real,
Even as decency festers against moral mortality.

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