NaPoWriMo Day 28: Love Letter

For day 28 I took the prompt of a letter of postcard from oneself and figured my future self could impart wisdom to my present self regarding my goals, particularly in relation to my Agape in Isolation project.


Dear Ushiku,

Here’s a letter from your future self;
I hope that it shall reach you well.

You’ve overcome obstacles
and yet you still love.
Ushiku truly is
a gift from God above,
and yet grounded to this earth.

For cultures are as many
as there are blades of grass…
and you will see them all
before your time shall pass.

You’ll soar upon the moonlit skies with Shamanic vigour,
you’ll sprint upon the oceans,
and bathe in life’s own rivers.

Refreshed and revitalised,
you’ll never feel lonely again.
This isn’t a matter of if,
but merely a matter of when.

So spread your spirit
across the globe
in all tongues man hath ascribed.
For you are part man,
part angel…

and LOVE
shall be your guide.

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