News Update – June 23rd 2018!

Hey everyone. Just checking in with some awesome news.


Firstly, Local Gems have decided to publish Litany Of Varied Experiences, which I’m super happy about because it was an emotionally exhausting yet necessary endeavour to put to pen the most horrific and heartbreaking year of my life. So getting something out of the catharsis is always good.


I’ve also begun taking Mandarin lessons, so I’m looking to link that into the Agape in Isolation project as I love how it’s a language where tone and meaning go hand in hand, which as a performer I just find absolutely inspiring. Speaking of that project, my friend Anthony Sykes will be curating the logo for that. You can check out his page here at Developer Ant.


Finally, Local Gems and myself will be collaborating on a series of workshops, readings and an anthology based in Manchester called Buzzin Bards which will take place at Droylsden Library. The library also informed me that Manchester Metropolitan University will be investing in a specialist Poetry Library that’s open to both students and members of the public, and have requested my support and involvement in that endeavour too.


Buzzin Bards


It’s been one hell of a year from where I were last year, but I’m glad things are looking better and my hard work is paying off.

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