Project Updates and New York news

I have some project updates for things I’ve been working on.

I’ll be in the studio on Friday 25th June working on The 8th Circle.

The plan now is to have an exhibition with The 8th Circle as a soundscape and the physical masks from Miel Timtiman accompany the first full preview of Unmasked in Spring 2022 ahead of the second stage of Developing Your Creative Practice funding.

Here is both the poster for Unmasked and the album art for The 8th Circle.

The 8th Circle album art.

Unmasked poster.

In other news I’ve decided as part of my developing your creative practice I’ll do an artist’s summer retreat in New York from 12th May 2022 – 8th June 2022. This builds on existing relationships with Local Gems Poetry Press, Planet of Sound Promotions, The Muse Exchange, Bronx Art and Fun Hub, International House of Comedy, and the Bronx Council on the Arts.

In regards to the latter, I’ll be part of the upcoming Bronx Memoir Project anthology as they accepted submissions from international participants in their narrative storytelling and narrative poetry workshops. On Tuesday 29th June 11:00pm BST I will be reading An Introduction to the Neurodivergent Mind which has now become the opening scene for Unmasked and was written as part of the Bronx Memoir Project. For free tickets to the launch event please click this Eventbrite link and be sure to check your time locally.

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