NaPoWriMo Day 8 – There stands the man

Where once there stood five characters,
now just stands the man.

I’ve danced with demons as Indigo Angel,
heaven’s halo heavy on my brow.

I’ve slammed soliloquies and toped treatises,
but El Poetico’s mask rests meekly.

I’ve travelled through time in top hat and tweed,
yet Sir Benjamin’s cane now travels the seas.

I’ve danced on floats and walked in parades,
yet Bidaman is more than this cape.

As the Cowboy makes his final stand,
the sunset smiles as the true man rides.

Where once there stood five characters,
now just stands the man.

NaPoWriMo Day 7 – Not all penguins like the cold

Not all penguins like the cold,
many live in warmer climes.
From Africa to Oceania
they squawk and wobble
in sea and sun.

Not all penguins like the cold,
many habitats shine like souls.
Their cheery demeanour
is a brighter feature
than ice covered skies could find.

Not all penguins like the cold,
leave your assumptions at the door.

Not all penguins like the cold,
as many live for more.

NaPoWriMo Day 6 – I am doing much better

Italics of imagination…

Ah, the freedom of creativity.
My tale is not one of the tortured artist.

Doubtless I have carved statues from my pain,
Obliquely however, as it doesn’t fuel me.
Instead, it was merely a dark cloud that followed me.
Now, I reside on a plateau that the clouds cannot reach.
Gratitude is a seed that’s nourished roots of abundance.

My creativity freed me from the shackles of the black dog,
Undeterred, I use its collar as a crown.
Could that my younger self could feel the reverberating ripples of hope.
How he would smile for me now.

Boldly, I encourage others to follow their passions….
Eternally grateful for the gifts mine bestowed upon me.
Torrid times are no more.
Today I smile where once I shuddered.
Eventually, hard work met opportunity.
Right… on… time.

NaPoWriMo Day 1 – Why don’t you just Biscoff?

Why don’t you just Biscoff?

It’s Club biscuit tier but it ain’t that mint.
It belongs in B&M for when you’re feeling skint.
It ain’t that mega, and it ain’t that great,
it’s too mid tier to even hate.

But the poshies and hipsters they find it delectable
while frankly I find this unacceptable.
Pushing up the prices of a working class biscuit,
Now we’ve got beef cos you’re taking the brisket.

It belongs with the Bourbons and the Custard Creams,
Not even a Nice biscuit, as they’ll have you believe.

So before making cheesecake with this as the base,
or slapping it on top of another cupcake.

Why don’t you just Biscoff?
Why don’t you just Biscoff?

NaPoWriMo Day 5 -Styx and Tomes

Styx and tomes waylay my soul
but Olympus never scared me.
I plucked and shorn a Minotaur
and found it mighty hairy.

Styx and tomes are cold to hold
Their tales are often haunting.
I won’t be beat, I find my heat
Like Vesuvian molten vaulting.

Styx and tomes may take their toll
yet coins they are aplenty.
They pass through hands like timeless sands
yet silver cannot tempt me.

Styx and tomes are not my home,
In truth they can’t confine me.
Think not the page, but check the stage,
for there you’re bound to find me.

NaPoWriMo Day 2 – Man, that’s funny

Foolish fuckers say “tell us a joke”,
Unaware, they choose to “be that bloke.”
Now would you ask a builder to do work for free?
Nah, instead let’s look at etymology.

For I can educate you more using Haggard Hawks,
Undo the damage of squawk and gawk.
Not gonna go on BGT,
Nah fuck that, it just ain’t me.

Forward thinking from the underground,
Until solid roots are all that surround.
Now if I wanted a cheap gag I could compare that to Jada,
Not me though, I’d rather quote Darth Vader.

Acrostic etymology, it’s right on the money,
Y you ask? Man, that’s funny.