NaPoWriMo Day 8: Back from the Dead.

Been awhile since I wrote a diss track but this one has been a year in the making. Done with bottling up. Litany of Varied Experiences is about ownership of a shitty situation one mentalist put me in, and a fake friend made worse by putting the knife in. What made that all the more difficult still is that my former best friend was friends with a Grade A scumbag, perverted addict that put my life in danger with his reckless behaviour. Well it didn’t kill me boy, and now I’ve got a free knife 😄

NaPoWriMo Day 8: Back from the Dead.

Back from the dead one year later, 

I’m ‘Taker,

24 and 2 many days hateful. 

Judged for a crime I’d never commit, 

meanwhile your Wolf boy ain’t howling at shit…

hard to do that when you’re pushing up daisies, 

my burns be hotter than the flames in Hades:

Drink driving,

drug driving,

acting rapey. 

Add to that narcissistically crazy,

a connection with a lesbian of the mind’s own making. 

But then again, 

that’s ok to you.

Cos you’re the kind of prick who’d say the same too. 

Said my lesbian friend “just hadn’t met you”,

boy, sit down and reckon with

how easy gals forget you. 

No Betsy, Supergirl – nah none of that shite,

Cos son you just met your own living Kryptonite. 

Ripped into me for missing a woman that’s an ocean away,

Yet woke me 3 times in the night 

cos no text from bae. 

Nothing to read so I guess you can weep, 

Turd is born

with the oaths that you speak. 

A handshake solves nothing but then I guess you are a wanker, 

But now you gon and got me charged like Blanka. 

I ain’t gonna bow down to your low behaviour, 

When I whooped your ass even the Lord couldn’t save ya. 

So bring your best shot, 

Indigo’s back from the dead, 

I swapped my amethyst wings for a scythe so now I’m coming for your head. 

You weak, you a sucka, barking mad like your Georgia Puppers.

What do I want? 


… I just want you to suffer.

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