NaPoWriMo Day 9: The Chapter Named Britain.

Today’s prompt was a eulogy for yourself, so I did my own take on it. 

NaPoWriMo Day 9: The Chapter Named Britain.

Suffered a lot, 

loved a lot more. 

Heart on his sleeves

but the shirt was torn. 

Betrayed by many, 

yet kindness continued,

for maliciousness wasn’t in his retinue. 

That’s not to say that he’d just roll over, 

He’d bark and he’d bite like his name was Rover.

But only for just cause, only defence, 

spoke his mind yet meant no offence. 

Called the world his home 

yet caged in four walls.

Had 4 families, only liked two

– yet loved so strongly

with all they were due. 

His friends were another,

so I guess that makes 5…

yet with so much loneliness 

how did he survive? …

… For so long, what was his secret? 

He shared his soul with the globe

yet despised his own weakness. 

He needs this, 

to just know he was valued.

Thin skin, thick heart –

heavy with troubles:

Vesuvius valves can’t burst his bubble.

An eruption of love

was his life’s ambition,

and helping others

an oft repeated decision.

He took his pain, and he added a T,

to blend a cup of truth for humanity. 

Sometimes short fused,

but never shortsighted 

with culture in his eyes

found cooperation delightful. 

But his story ain’t over, 

there’s much more to be written,

this is just the tombstone

of the Chapter named Britain.

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