NaPoWriMo Day 21: The Lake of Reincarnation

Day 21’s official prompt was to deal with the myth of Narcissus, while Local Gems encouraged one to write about faith. So I decided to do both, and write of the narcissism of a false friend, who in turn was a Myth.


If you prayed for answers
you did not listen.
Though the truth was already revealed…
you demonised the chaste
so that one’s own evils were concealed.

I spoke plainly yet profoundly,
in words you would not hear.
Thoust a monkey – speaks of evil
whence closed of mouth an’ ears.

An apology
one ‘tis owed thrice.
For the clean ‘re seen as dirty
whence heads ‘re covered in lice.

As illusions fade,
I stand beside a lake.
My faith in you was real,
though your friendship was fake.

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