NaPoWriMo Day 22: The Cure

For day 22 I went with the Local Gems prompt of a cure for something that isn’t considered a disease. Being a Game of Thrones fan one line in particular came to mind and I ran with it. Hopefully doing so will cure the rage against the indignity I faced in the past year, or at the very least provide some comic relief to the matter in a macabre manner.


Ser Bronn said it best:
There’s no cure for being a cunt!

Yet I fly on the wings of a pigeon pie
– you’ll choke on your words,
to no surprise.

I could throw you into a vat of steaming lava,
Scream “I killed Mufasa” as you lather.
The villain is the hero of their own story,
I did no wrong, till now…
I implore thee!

Do the good thing, and grovel at my feet…
or else you’ll surely face defeat.

I beat you physically,
that happened twice.
Your mum’s pretty cool –
why don’t you play nice?

Yet your dad is a creep that hired a PI,
now it’s time to learn an eye for an eye.
The world won’t go blind,
one guy’s left with one eye, don’t cry…
oh wait you can’t,
no worries – I shan’t!

You see you’re not worth my tears,
nor friendship…
I abhor thee,
though spoiler warning –
you won’t survive this story.

Frankenstein’s the true monster,
most scholars agree.
But there’s no cure for being a cunt:

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