NaPoWriMo Day 25: Homeward Bound

Day 25’s prompt from Local Gems was absolutely perfect for Litany Of Varied Experiences. It was to include a prophecy.


Great men are forged in fire.
It is the privilege of lesser men
to light the flame.

So it was foretold:
Ye shalt venture
through malignant majesty
unto the 10th circle
wist Dante nay Hades could muster;
be falsely branded by Sheol’s most wretched infamy;
and yet,
find one’s soul emblazoned
by the virtuous pursuit of love
and one’s very own resurrection.

For what is ash but the ethereal carcass of Prometheus?
Yet life will find a way;
an amethyst phoenix erupts,
emerging from chrysalis.

Pain was merely a mortal marker
by which a celestial understanding
of one’s Litany Of Varied Experiences
would unravel.
Poseidon himself fashioned me a lighthouse,
for what are waves of turmoil
but a greeting for a better tomorrow?

As I reached shore,
my soul fashioned itself a grappling hook
upon the summit of Mount Olympus,
I’m almost homeward bound.

I’m almost homeward…



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