NaPoWriMo Day 24: Upon My Broken Wings

Day 24’s prompt was to deal with mortality and how life’s events can often have a jolting or affirming affect upon us. I know my experience reminded me that 9 to 5 just isn’t for me and I wish to spread love, knowledge, and ascension  through art and our shared humanity.


Throughout the Litany Of Varied Experiences
that make up my life,
I have transcended humanity;
cursed the stagnating entrapment of this physical form;
– and even descended
from the innate greatness all souls
are capable

Yet, as I preach celestially,
I recall how compassion was my Icarus,
I got too close to a supernova…
then were left scarred and alone
upon the sands of Mustafar…
though this chosen one harmed no younglings.

No son,
no daughter,
no friends in the shadow realm…
my redemption was my own,
though the desecration
was shared…
I survived furtive daggers
and crossed my own Rubicon.

There’s no turning back now…

being brought low
has helped me to soar highly…
was there ever a sight so beautiful
as an Indigo Angel
gliding serenely though with broken wings?

Inhumane treatment
renewed my humanity,
as I rediscovered the omnipresent covenant
of which we are all capable.

We all may love,
we all may face loss,
and we all may rebuild.

Though many institutions and people
build castles out of quicksand…
my constitution is vibranium.

Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
I scatter my essence to the wind in entirety…

is OUR


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