NaPoWriMo Day 30: Making History

I used the official prompt of an interesting fact and began with the story of how I took a loose brick from Emperor Hadrian’s imperial palace at Villa Adriana, and from there created this final piece of my Litany Of Varied Experiences.


Amongst the cascades of antiquity
where Villa Adriana resides.
This erstwhile artist wanderer
built castles from the sands of time.

I took a brick from his imperial palace
so I could build my own.
While I purchased another from Berlin,
alas that wall was torn.

I engorge myself on history,
as civilisations rise and fall.
Yet I shall build my empire
from remnants of them all.

I’ll take the best
and leave the rest,
that’s always been my mantra.
If loose lips sink ships,
I pour from a titanic decanter.

For I know nothing
but truth itself,
at least truth as I see it.

Many people study history,
but me?
I choose to be it.

So come along on this journey,
and follow my many-bricked road.
As I tap my heels,
beg, borrow and steal…
for there’s no place like home.

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