Bonus Poems announcement:

In order for the Litany of Varied Experience to TRULY be a VARIED EXPERIENCE everything must be experienced 😊

Both what is, and what isn’t. What could be, and what could never be. Even what should never be, often is.

But that’s ok. Cos that means you can learn from others and their experiences, even if you do not deem them correct or even it they are not correct. Because ultimately correctness in allowing others to correct themselves as they grow. Life is a symmetric experience both being and not being everything – all at once!

For that reason it is only fair and loving to allow others see things through the eyes of others, even if those others have experiences or ideas they could share that you personally jar with.

I’ll be collaborating with Grim on more poems for Litany of Varied Experiences to have a bonus Tour Edition while also truly open sourcing this concept in a sequel with poems sourced on WriteOutLoud and other online poetry sources to find the best poems that represent life and how it’s experienced and the ideas we have about that.

But to both prove the exception to and be the rule, I shall share this poem which is both.

I’m thinking at the speed of thought,

for all that choice has wrought.

For everything must be and not be

in order for anything to be or not be.

That, is the question?

Rhetorical notions of Coptics and Potions,

everything’s part of the game.

Now do we factory reset

over the things we regret?

Or do we just


As that’s the only way to

prove that love’s served on a silver platter.

I guess we’re all sweetheart bastards in the eyes of the beloved.

But the most loved

is thee ❤️❤️❤️

Cos everything means nothing if nothing can mean anything 😊🔮☝️😘

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