NaPoWriMo Day 23: A Question Unanswered

For day 23 I used the Local Gems prompt of an unanswered question. It’s probably the question that underlies the whole Litany Of Varied Experiences.


Why did nobody apologise when truth came to pass?

Science and spirit aligned
to proclaim the truth I always knew.

One was a moron, prone to overreach.
Slow of mind,
sharp of speech.
Yet an accomplice to falsehoods
that became undone.

The other a neighbour,
that then became a friend.
Yet a poor one in truth,
for even if one ignores
the indignity I faced.
Their treatment of friends is a fucking disgrace.
Consorting with a drug dealer,
– a friend’s ex, no less!
Plus no apology for creating this mess.
Shipped off to the funny farm,
with friendship put to pasture…
you surely are a cow,
that spreads lies instead of laughter.

my best friend.
This was what hurt the most.
This asshole would abandon me,
and then would even boast:
“if you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about”
as I lived in the shameful shadow
of a mentalist’s fraught fantasies.
Worst still defended another,
guilty of a crime I’d never commit…
yet when confronted with the truth:
eschewed false virtues with a crown of shit.
If saving you from suicide,
is the true mark of a friend…
then I proved my worth a thousand times
whilst you just played pretend.

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